According to a research, about one-third of consumer buying behaviour is based on product’s packaging. Packaging is an utmost opportunity for marketers to effectively communicate their brand’s message by positioning their product as a far better choice than that of competitors. It is a fact that packaging of a product has a positive impact on consumer buying decision. A smart packaging design helps the consumers to feel an emotional attachment to the brand.


In today’s world, the customers are constantly presented with a great number of alternatives. So packaging serves as the best choice for the companies to attract the customers and influence their purchase decision. Moreover, a fascinating packaging design is not only capable of inspiring a purchase; rather it creates a ripple effect. For example, a friend snaps a picture of attractive packaging and posts it on Facebook owes great potential to get a quick share by others and attracting new potential customers. There are various elements of packaging which influence the consumer buying decision and have a great impact on how soon a product catches an eye.  Some of them are as follows:

  • An Effective Logo or Images:

As stated earlier, customers have a strong tendency to get emotionally attached to a specific brand. Same is the case with brand logos. An effective logo helps the customers to easily recall the brand and specific memories associated with it as they have a view of it. This positive association with brand logo builds a long-term relationship between the customers and the brand. Similarly, use of bright and attractive images can also impact the consumer buying behaviour and can result in a repetitive purchase.

  • The colour of Packaging:

Use of traditional brown boxes can cause businesses to miss a chance of perfect marketing opportunity. It is important to provide eye-catching colours to a product’s packaging as it creates an everlasting first impression on minds of consumers. Creating brand awareness with a colour is effective tactics which massively influence customers’ purchases.

  • Typography:

Selection of font is another important aspect which drives consumer buying behaviour. While colours are used to draw in the customers’ attention, text let the customers know about various aspects and benefits of the product. If the words are difficult to read or they are not streamlined for a quick scanning then they become frustrated and pass on to a new product. The customer just takes seconds to judge the product and an easy readability of the text is a vital element in this regard. Various companies use custom boxes printing services to make their typography look more visible and prominent for the customers. Using specialized printing techniques can ensure a better readability to drag the consumer attention.

  • Package Design:

According to an infographic research, about 52% of online consumers return for another purchase if they receive a product in premium packaging. Most of the companies constantly strive to create unique and attractive packaging design which occupies the customer’s attention at a sight. Consumers also prefer to reuse a well-designed packaging. Market leaders like Apple etc are well known for their unique and fascinating packaging design which provides a wonderful unboxing experience to its users. The basic characteristic of a good packaging is to ensure the safety of the product. Creating such a packaging design which not only keeps the product safe but also appears unique and appealing is the best way to influence consumer buying behaviour. For more details about the impact of packaging on consumer buying behaviour refer to the following link:

At Golden Monk Kratom, the world’s finest quality of kratom is sold at viable prices. The product sold on the website is extremely of top notch quality and is supplemented by a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Few are the strains that contain the same amount of alkaloid percentage as the kratom found at Golden Monk

There are various reasons because of which Golden Monk Kratom is better than kratom found at other outlets. The botanical quality of their kratom is superior because of the kratom farmers with years of expertise. Also, each and every batch of kratom at Golden Monk Kratom is tested to perfection and only then is the product released into the market. Other methods because of which the kratom at Golden Monk Kratom excels are:

1. Distinctive Farming Methods

The procedure involved in selecting and buying by Golden Monk Kratom is an important factor in determining the prices and the quality of the kratom. The kratom used here is selected naturally and not grown in a controlled setting. This is due the fact that kratom plants need adequate amounts of sunlight, shade and water supply, lacking either of which could compromise the quality of the plant.

  1. Distinctive Farming Methods

As mentioned, the kratom produced by Golden Monk Kratom is highly sustainable in nature. This is due to the simple fact that Kratom farmers follow a simple and specific method of sustainability. While harvesting a particular batch of Kratom plants, many immature plants are left to mature. They do this because harvesting too many wild plants in a certain area may lead to choking the natural supply in the particular area. This is a very serious problem which many unethical farmers are causing. The farmers at Golden Monk Kratom often use methods which are the best for the sustainability of alkaloid-rich

  1. Drying

Aside from harvesting mature leaves, the farmers at Golden Monk Kratom use specified methods of drying the Kratom leaves. To ensure the delicate alkaloids are preserved, a careful process is executed during the drying phase. All the drying is done indoors. Drying the kratom leaves in direct leaves poses damage to the Kratom leaves leading to a potential damage to the leaf’s quality. Drying at Golden Monk Kratom is done on special racks which allow the air to circulate above and below the leaves. It takes the leaves several days to dry before the leaves are ready for grinding.

  1. Alkaloids

Various strains of the kratom plant are of extreme interest to the research to the community. This is because of their potential medical purposes due to the presence of alkaloids. Some of the most prominent alkaloids of interest include:


  1. Mitraphyline
  2. 7-hydroxmitragynine
  3. MitragyninePseudoindoxyl

By harvesting mature plants, the product offered by Golden Monk Kratom is not stomped by middleman trading companies thus offering an optimal product. This leads to alkaloid-rich kratom to be produced that customers love.

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Kratom from Golden Monk Kratom is available on their website. However, there are other means to contact them.

Address: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Phone: 1.604.302.7353

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