social media for insurance agentsWith the change in the scenario of Insurance Business of an Insurance  Agent in Social Media  will  be  changing  when  new and  more effective social media flat farms are invented.  As there is no change in on line and off line cost, Convenience and pricing are the keys in  decision making . Cost effective ways of distribution will be future trend as the social media does not contribute to the total sales much, this trend will gain importance in the years to come. According to Google report, on line business is below ten percent.

Motor insurance, Health and travel insurance booking through social media is far less than expected. Life insurance queries have grown 500 times and the digital insurance will be seventy five percent in 2020. The engagement of   Insurance Agent role in Social Media may limit the marketing effort. Instead of push method of assisting the customer by the agent may be shifted the customer to choose from the most profitable product or business.

There may be new trend  of  giving service where the customer is by  capturing the  unaware  probable  customer,  convincing  to buy  and  recommending link up. The product or best Insurance Agent offer of good and better service  experienced may survive  in the Insurance Business and  win.


social media for insurance agentsWith the new and improved    software of Customer relationship Management there is change in marketing functions with improved customer relationship in Social Media. These tools are more considered as improving efficiency of the employee, but not useful in improving customer relationships.

It is highly impossible to for the Insurance Agent or the Insurance Company to influence the customer as there are number of channels used are more. More new systems are needed and lot of fresh ideas with different concepts are emerging and need to adapt to change and transformation, still in progress.   With the  companies are  moving  to the tune of the customer more  data on transaction interaction, data of non enterprise, mobile ,  marketers  will be able to help  firms in customer understanding.


With the advent of Big data Analytics and such other now analytical methods emerge  is changing the total dependence  on Social Media.


Insurance products may be short lived with the change in trust of the customer with Technology transformation and   fast modifications to the requirements of the customers may be the new strategy for  business development.