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Tips For A Long Lasting And Better Concrete Garage Floor

Getting a new garage floor could be real confusing. You will be having a lot of questions and every contractor you call will have a different suggestion and different estimates. In the confusion you might decide to leave it up to your contractor and do whatever he tells you. And in the end, you might end up regretting your decision, thinking you could have done better. So here are a few tips for getting a better Garage Concrete floor.

Always do your homework when it comes to Garage Concrete

Research is very important in whatever new idea you are going to indulge into. So, research well before you take your first step towards getting a Garage Concrete floor. Research-

  • To understand about the remodeling.
  • To be able to ask right questions at the right time from the contractors.
  • To realize that “concretes not always crack”. This is something all contractors say after they have supplied you with lousy concrete slabs.
  • To find a good contractor in your area who will do the work in reasonable budget.

There are certain things that play an important role in getting a long lasting Garage Concrete floor. It includes the floor level of garage, the ground preparation, the vapor barrier, the right concrete mix, the reinforcement bars, the expansion joints and the finishing and curing.

Level your floor with the most proper concrete

It has been a code rule to build the garage floor four inch inches lower than the house floor for preventing the gas and other harmful emission from getting into the house. But today, the cars leeks less these days hence the garage floors are normally at the same level as the house. So keep in mind a few things:

  • It is not necessary to have the Garage Concrete floor four inch lower than the house floor.
  • It costs more to concrete the garage floor with four inch step lower than the house floor.
  • If a contractor insists on having a low floor and says it’s a legal implication, question him and ask him to supply you with the legal document in support of the statement.

Be on the ground, but be better – Garage Concrete Floors

What lies under the Garage Concrete floor could be a threat to it. The slab can crack if the soil or ground under it shifts or settles. So for a long lasting floor, this becomes a vital stage.

  • Start with removing the topsoil.
  • If the soil has not been dug-up previously, a minimum of four inch layer of gravel or stone must be added.
  • The soil that has been earlier dug up should be compacted.
  • The gravel or stone should be compacted as well.

Can vapor be a barrier to your work – indeed

Vapor barrier which is essentially thick sheets of plastic must be used even if it is not necessary. It is an inexpensive tool for preventing the water moving up through the porous Garage Concrete floor, condensing on the surface thus destroying everything that’s on it.

A long-lasting impression by deploying garage concrete on your floors

The concrete mix should be right. It should be at least four inch thick and not too watery. Like wood, concrete also expands and contracts and hence needs expansion joints. With the right ground preparation, concrete mix and expansion joints, thick reinforcement bars are not required. The finishing and curing must be done with utmost care. These little points will get you a perfect and long lasting Garage Concrete floor.