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It is important that your child must ride a safety ride in a car seat. Every car seat is different so it is necessary to choose a right car seat booster for your child. Here you can find some important tips and facts about different types of car seats which can help you to buy the best car seats. If your child is one year old and if he or she weighs 20 pounds then she can facing forward in the car seat. But still it is safe to ride rear facing and it can be comfortable for her also. You can read car seat booster review so that you can gather a clear idea about car seat booster.

car seat booster reviews

Different types of car safety seats

There are five types of car safety seats and those are Convertible seats, Forward facing toddler seats, Combination forward facing seats. Convertible seats are those which can be used for both forward facing and rear facing. Forward facing toddler seats are only for the children who weigh up to 80 pounds. You must sure about the specifications of the models. You can get your answers on car seat booster review.

There are other types of car seat that are used as forward facing and these are called forward facing seat or booster seat. These car seats are used for children those who are weighing between 40 to 65 pounds but these are mostly depends on the model.

Forward facing car seats are also available in the market. You can read your vehicle’s manual so that you can get the details of the weight and height limits for the particular vehicles. You can also get the details from car seat booster review.

Travel vests are the safe alternative for forward facing child car seats. Travel vests are very useful as the car has lap seat belts in the back seats. Travel vests are used specially for large toddlers who cannot be fitted in the traditional car safety seat. You can get a clear view on car seat booster review.

Installation tips for forward facing seats

  1. It is important to install a safety car seat tightly in the car. The harness must be fitted against your child.
  2. When the child is sitting in a rear facing the shoulder strap must be below your child’s shoulders.
  3. In some of the cars it is needed to adjust the angle of the seat.
  4. After the year 2002 the vehicles have the Latch system. This is made for the safety and security. For the Latch system the seats of your car become more secure than the ordinary seat belts.
  5. You have to check the owner’s manual where you can get all the details of your car so that you can learn the system of your car seat booster. You can also check the car seat booster review for further details. Always consult your car manual and the seats specification while using it for the safety of your children.


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